Why Choose Us
-Located in northern China, nearby Qingdao port.
-With more than 20 years exporting experience of exporting ceramic tableware
-More than 50 factories network
-Various tableware dinnerware provided
-Intercontinental customer base
-Professional teamwork Zibo Timestone International Co, Ltd. was founded in 2007. Run by General Manager Yuan Zhengyu, the primary business is about exporting tableware and kitchenware to mainly North America, Europe, South Africa, the Middle East and so on.

Tableware consists of plates, knifes, bowls, spatulas, folks, tea sets, coffee mugs, wineglasses, glasses and other kinds of cups, which can be used for daily items, gifts and promotion. Kitchenware includes jars and mills for condiments and pots for food and grain storage.

Our products, using materials like stoneware, porcelain, melamine, are manufactured by the factories with excellent production lines and we have a long term cooperation with them.
Also, as for the pattern for decoration and the shape of our designs, we can meet the needs of yours as long as our technique permits us to produce.
We guarantee the best package quality and we can offer services like delicate sub-package, making the products ready to sell when they arrived at the destination.
We apply waterway transport, which is the cheapest but safest in view of that our products are heavy but fragile.
From manufacture to transportation, a professional team responsible for monitoring yield and research and develop new products will track the whole procedure.

Our customers are those with great needs, ranging from main importers to chain stores, from supermarket retailing to restaurants and hotels. From years ago, we also made orders for customers who sold alone with small quantity but re-order from us frequently. So we believe we have gained rich experience.

Latterly, we are setting about business transformation, from being below-the-line to being a B to B e-business. And our target customers will gradually be inclined to overseas e-commerce with small needs but variety orders

As you can see from the company's name, timestone, we are doing our best to finalize an order with an indestructible quality as hard as the stone and as long as the time goes on. Your trust, out motivation.